Abbenet specialise in search engine optimisation (SEO) & website promotion and many of our clients occupy the coveted no.1 spot on Google, the worlds most widely used search engine. The benefits of this cannot be overstated. This effectively amounts to free world-wide advertising in a way that no other marketing method can match.

We offer an excellent website optimisation service designed to achieve maximum visibility to the search engines and thus, maximum rankings. On completion we will register your site manually with the top search engines.

Web Site Promotion Services : -

  • Web site optimisation for search engines
  • Search engine registration & submissions
  • Ongoing search engine promotion & re-submission package
  • Search engine services for existing web sites

At Abbenet we pride ourselves on the success of our clients' sites achieving high visibility in the top search engines. Our experience and expertise in this area has brought us many new clients for search engine optimisation & web site promotion alone.

During the design process and development of your website we will work with you to fully understand your company profile and your customer base so that we can tailor your site to achieve high rankings.

One of our clients recently said that although he had spent thousands of pounds on a Yellow Pages advert, his website had brought him much more business and that it was by far the most effective way to promote his company.

Ongoing Website Promotion

We offer a site re-submission package, which we tailor to your own business & site requirements, so as to maintain your site placements & search engine rankings. We can provide you with ongoing advice and support for your web site marketing strategy.

Optimisation of Existing Web Sites

If you already have a web site but don't seem to do well on the search engines then we can help. We can analyse your existing web site structure & content and fully optimise the pages to make them more "search engine friendly" and as a result, achieve higher rankings to increase your website traffic. We will then register your site manually with the top search engines. For details of our web site optimisation service, please contact us for advice and a quotation.