If your web pages require the content to be updated on a regular basis then Abbenet can provide you with a web based content management system.

We offer customised management solutionsto suit your particular site requirements.

By logging in to a control panel via your web browser you or your staff can have control over specific areas of your site to update changing content. Alternatively you may require to have some of the content updated automatically from information stored on a database.

Web pages do not have to be set in stone in the same way as a printed brochure. Providing up to date information for your site visitors means they are more likely to keep coming back.

Depending on the nature of your business and the applications required, current information such as news, job vacancies, products etc can be stored in a database. That data can then be retrieved automatically by your web pages, or by means of a customer search.

If your business or internet project requires a custom web application we can design a system to meet your individual requirements.

The design of many of our websites are a combination of static and live web pages. Find out how your company can benefit from our services, contact us for more information.